Oman Sail show their spirit.

After a fine start in the Tour de France á la Voile, Oman Sail-Renaissance were lying in third place prior to the first offshore leg to Calais, however there were dramatic scenes at the start of the 25 mile race.

Unfortunately, shortly after the start we hit a sand back and got stuck aground for about six minutes as we watched the fleet sail away. Eventually, we got free but we then hit the top of an unmarked wreck, coming to a grinding halt from a boat speed of about seven knots!

We knew we had damage, we could see some of it internally, but we were not taking in water and pressed on. The boat speed was still impressive and we managed to pull ourselves back up to 10th, as we crossed the finish line in Calais.

Getting the boat repaired was a big job, the whole team was up all night, everybody dug in deep and that was a big plus from the incident. Great solidarity, everybody was resolved to get the job done. The organisers are happy with our repair and although we have had to take a penalty for working on the boat, we are back in the race and determined as ever. Today, we have three inshore races. It looks like we will be in 12-16 knots, good wind conditions for us.

Everybody makes mistakes and yesterday was a true test of the spirit in this team. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Today, Oman Sail Renaissance is still very much in this race and the team spirit is even stronger. Yesterday is just part of this great adventure.

Best wishes,