TdV Stage 1: Dunkerque 2 inshore races.

Over the weekend we started the Tour, great to finally get going.

Two races in super light conditions with loads of tide, at least the sun was shining! Our eighth and second is ok, we sailed the boat well and often we were first to the top mark or damn close. The results have us 3rd overall, which I am pleased with.

This morning we compete in the first offshore race, a little 25 miler to Calais, it will be the first time that the Omani members of our crew have raced offshore. It looks like it will be light with tide pushing along at the start but the tide will turn pretty early on and the breeze should build, so hopefully we will get a taste of what these boats are like to sail offshore, in waves with a bit of breeze!

So this morning we leave Dunkirk for Calais to start our first offshore.

Having fun!