Calais to Dieppe 126 miles

Well I said it would be a great adventure! After damaging the boat on route to Calais we had two very eventful inshore races. Oman Sail-Renaissance has great boat speed and we showed it in the first race, a bullet is a great way to come back and it was really satisfying and filled the team full of confidence.

However, we were soon brought back down to earth, getting disqualified in the second inshore race!

“If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.” Lance Armstrong.

The Tour is a long race, just like the well-known Tour de France on road bikes; it is a marathon not a sprint.

There is plenty of sailing between now and the finish at the end of July in La Seyne sur Mer.

Still having fun!


Oman Sail-Renaissance are currently racing offshore from Calais to Dieppe. The second offshore but much longer than the first 126 miles.