Gold Fleet will be tough

© Th.Martinez

It is a big race course for the Moth Worlds on Lake Garda. It's very shifty so places can change pretty rapidly, capsizes are very costly and it is easy to make mistakes. Getting top ten finishes has been very satisfying bit there is a big jump to the top guys from where I am but I am getting a lot sharper and better at it. My goal before the event was to make the medal race, so that has been achieved.

The Gold fleet is the top sixty boats and it will be much harder to get good results. I would love to get top ten results and make it into the top 15 for the world championship. However, the six medal races will be a lot tougher and making one mistake then can easily mean you get a bad result.

Starting is very difficult because it all happens so quickly and manoeuvres are critical. Also the way the usual course is set up, we are starting on port and trying to cross the starboard tackers means there is a lot of carnage. Playing the wind under the cliffs is key, especially getting the first 2 or 3 tacks in cleanly, an average tack isn’t good enough, it has got to be on the money. After that it is all about trying to hold on to the top guys downwind, who are very fast.

It all happens pretty quickly in a Moth; you get foiling in just 7 knots of wind. Upwind you can be doing 15 knots and downwind 20, so it is all a lot of fun!

All the best