Leaving Lisbon

Azzam is now leaving Lisbon and on the way to Cape Town, all be it by ship. The Volvo Ocean Race is a test of endurance and in the build up to the race, the team have done very little racing. That is just how it is. So it is even more frustrating when we finally get to go racing and get a set back like this.

But the mood in the team is still up beat and personally I have been taking my frustration out in the gym! All of the Abu Dhabi Racing Team is determined to get back on track and can't wait for the next leg to Abu Dhabi, we didn't really need any more motivation but we ceratinly have it now.

What has been interesting is to see how the other teams have been performing in this leg, as the leg to Cape Town has a variety of sailing angles and wind speeds, it has been painful to watch and not participate but it has been very educational.