Inport race tomorrow

Really raring to go,

Everything is running nice and smoothly and it is nice and chilled out in the base.

Tomorrow looks like we should get something like 8-15 knots of breeze. The inshore races have moved away from traditional windward leeward, tomorrow we have a fixed course but with the wind direction we have at the moment, it could well be close to a windward leeward race with a slight bias.

There are only ten crew on the boats so inshore there is plenty on. lots of grinding and sail changes, the spinnaker drop at the leeward mark can be pretty busy and there is a big premium on getting it down cleanly.Inshore races can be won or lost on boat handling alone.

These boats are evenly matched for speed, so starting tomorrow is going to be key as well as other tactics during the race, to go with the boat handling.

Practice race today went well but the real deal starts tomorrow with the first scoring in-port race. Looks as though we should get some decent breeze to get into it tomorrow.

Note: Today's practice race was won by Camper with Abu Dhabi in second place.